Apply for a Grant

Application Checklist — To complete this form, you should be prepared with the following:

  • Approximately 20 minutes to complete;
  • Contact details for your organization;
  • Separate documentation prepared to upload including:
    • Your IRS tax exemption letter;
    • A description, timetable and budget for your proposal
    • A directory of your organization’s Board of Directors
    • A 5-year continuity plan approved by your board
    • Other supporting documentation

It is suggested that you review the entire application before beginning, to ensure that you have collected the information needed to complete it.

Additional Instructions

Please Note:  All files must be in one of the following formats: Word, Excel,PDF, Plain Text Document.

If you have problems uploading files or cannot provide files in the required formats; please upload a blank document in its place, and then contact MFTF for further instructions.

Thank You!

Mildred Faulkner Truman Foundation

If you are unable to apply online, you may download a Print Application.